VisTA Tracking Services provides professional instruction and consulting in visual tracking.

Our tracking courses are state of the art and tailored to match the budgets and time constraints of our consulting clients, Search and Rescue, Recreational and Research, and Law Enforcement and Military students.

VisTA tracking teaches a uniquely effective form of Modern Visual Tracking. Modern Visual Tracking is a dynamic system of combined sign awareness skills and visual tracking techniques that we have developed and based on several decades of visual tracking training, instructional courses, and operational use.

Experienced Visual Tracking students who attend our training will find that Modern Visual Tracking enhances and compliments the other methods of tracking they may have been taught such as: the British 5 and 7 step track following drill, US Border Patrol and Search and Rescue Step by Step and Sign Cutting methods, along with the often less formal tracking techniques used by wildlife researchers, naturalists, and game hunters.

New visual tracking students who learn our Modern Visual Tracking method will have a visual tracking system which they can continue to build upon for as long as they track and adapt to their needs both personal and operationally.

Visual Trackers old and new will find the Modern Visual Tracking method will aid in reducing sign identification error, and increase their accuracy and consistency in their visual tracking abilities.